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Latest Road Safety News...updated on Wednesday, July 10, 2024.

   GEM Motoring Assist has added three new videos to its Blue Light Aware resource, to illustrate specific situations where different road users could be confused by emergency vehicles. The videos cover the topics:
• Emergency motorbikes, and what they need from road users
• Specific advice for horse riders
• Making a good 999 call following a road collision
• The Blue Light Aware resource was created in 2011 to assist drivers by helping them identify
solutions to a number of traffic scenarios involving emergency vehicles where confusion is
frequently reported.
More information about Blue Light Aware at https://www.bluelightaware.org.uk/ where these three new clips will appear shortly.
  Safety issue on the A38/Avonwick westbound slip road. Please see here for more information on a past issue and the current situation.
  Change of speed limit on the A379 between Elburton and Brixton. Possibly because of the poor road surface, the limit has been set at 30mph on the double bend section approaching Roger's Garages from Elburton Road. (Actually due to the weak bridge.)
  Saltash Tunnel - 'average speed' cameras to come into force at the end of May, early June. Also speed limit reduction to Carkeel Roundabout. Cameras are also to be fitted on North Road and New Road (the tempory diversion; when the tunnel is closed). Click here for full report on Plymouth Live. (May 2024)

Death by dangerous cycling set to become an offence - see Road Safety GB article here.

  Headlight 'glare' debate at Westminster. Click here for the video.
  THINK! is relaunching its 'Mates for Life' campaign. Click here for the full story and the new stakeholder toolkit.
  Vision Zero South West - the last twelve months... click here
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