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Latest Group News...updated on Thursday, January 27, 2022.

  Changes to The Highway Code are due to come into force on 29th January 2022. Please click here for more information from IAMRS and GOV.UK. There are also several videos on YouTube giving details of these changes and their respective opinions. Changes to the Highway Code.

Debunking the myths about electric vehicles - click here for more information.


Group Meetings...

 The Committee has spent a very long time deliberating on this and have made the decision that the risk is too high with the approaching winter months and the various COVID-19 health warnings. They feel that it would be irresponsible for the meetings to begin at this time of year.  I have also spoken with a few Group Members who are in total agreement with this decision. We would like to think of starting again with our Group Meetings in February 2022.  We are also planning to organise another 'Afternoon Tea' in early 2022.  If you would be interested in this, please make contact.

 We have begun Observing and feel this is a good start for the Group, but this is mainly happening in well ventilated vehicles.  However, we could hold some meetings via the Zoom programme and if you would be interested in this, please email me and, if we have a few willing, I will set it in motion for our usual 3rd Monday of the month.

 The Committee

  Driver warned about changes to Motorway cameras. Click here for more information.
  Death on the A38 - is it time to make it 50mph? Article published by Plymouth Live.
  Insurance, 12 things you need to know - see Money Saving Expert for more information.
  10 ways to invalidate your car insurance! Click here for more information. (5/10/21)
  Latest changes to The Highway Code - published by DVSA on 14th September 2021.
Click here.
  Towing a trailer/caravan - changes to the law coming later in 2021. Click here for details from GOV.UK.
  IAMRoadSmart has negotiated a 30% discount with The Stationary Office (TSO) for on-line access to Roadcraft. Available through a link with IAMRS’s shop. Discounts are also available on other TSO and DVSA publications.
  Using headphones whilst driving can be distracting. Click here for more information from Driver Training.

Changes to 16 of Plymouth's major junctions you need to know about; click here for more information.

  Following the change to our Newsletter printing arrangements, the Privacy Notice has been amended. Please click the Privacy Notice link on the left to view the change. (Page 2, para 10)
  New Safe Driving for Life from DVLA. Click here for more information.
  Shocking results from study reveal that four million drivers have fallen asleep behind the wheel. Click here for IAMRS article.
  None for the road – Myths of drink driving - click here for IAMRS 'blog'.
  Automated and Autonomous Vehicles – What have they got to do with advanced driving? Click here to find out.
  Petrol is changing to E10. DVLA have announced that standard petrol will change from E5 to E10. Click here for more information from DVLA.
  Emergency Alerts - a new service to be introduced by GOV.UK during the Summer of 2021. Click here for more information.
  e-Scooters riders in Plymouth told to stop or face arrest and court. Click here for full PlymouthLive report.
  If your Associate membership is expiring soon, please contact IAMRS to have your membership extended by 6 months.

Contact the Customer Care team on 0300 303 1134 or by emailing between 8.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.
  The Highway Code - get the latest updates, 2015 onwards - click here

Share the IAM RoadSmart video on driver assistance technology​​​​​​​...

Do you know anyone who finds driver assistance technology in cars confusing? Our new video, featuring IAM RoadSmart’s Rebecca Ashton and Tim Shallcross, which is designed for a non-advanced driver audience, offers tips and guidance that they may find helpful. 'Click here'.

  IPSGA video from IAMRoadSmart. Click here.
  'The Dangers of using a Mobile Phone behind the Wheel' - a useful guide from Daren Felton.
  Dead? or Dead Slow - British Horse Society (BHS) campaign to improve road safety between vehicles and horses. Find out how to deal with these encounters. Please see 'You Tube' video at and visit the BHS web site at for more information.
  Blue Light Aware - see the video so that you know what to do when encountering Emergency Vehicles. Part of this video was filmed on the A388 between Carkeel and Hatt. There are also two training videos that are worth viewing, but please don't try this in your car! Blue Light Training Video 1, Blue Light Training Video 2.
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