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Affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (Group 1134)

How it works...

  Once you have joined as an Associate Member of IAM RoadSmart and the Group, via the 'Advanced Driver Course' package, you will be able to have a demonstration drive with one of our qualified Observers, in their car.
  Then you will be given a number of ‘observed’ runs, in your own car, with your nominated Observer as part of the package. During the ‘observed’ runs, you will receive guidance on safe, positive driving techniques. You will receive as many 'observed' runs as you need to get you 'test-ready'.

  When you are thought to be ready for your advanced test, a National Observer (IMI qualified) will give you an assessment check.

   Once ready for the advanced test, an 'on-line' booking will be made with one of the local IAM Examiners, these are usually serving Class 1 Police Officers.

On passing the advanced test you will become a full member of both IAM RoadSmart and the local Group. Initial membership of IAM RoadSmart and the Group is for 12 months.