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Affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (Group 1134)

How do I join IAM RoadSmart & the Group?

To join IAM RoadSmart, purchase an 'Advanced Driver Course' from the IAM RoadSmart web site. This will also give you membership to our local Group who will help you prepare for the Advanced Test, see 'How it works' link on the left.

For more information about IAM RoadSmart, 'Advanced Driver Course' or the Group, please contact Graham Lamb, who will be able to give you full details of IAM RoadSmart, the Group and how to join.

Graham can be contacted at: -


Telephone – 07920 886542

or use the 'Contact Us' link.

Please note that, to be a FULL member of the Plymouth & District Advanced Motorists Group, you must also be a FULL member of  IAM RoadSmart.